To save the lost time....
As we promised, the volume's last chapter is  here.
Let's hope the 7th volume will come out soon (and for a Shin-Azuki kiss of course!!).
Thank you for your support.


Maybe the last post....
Hi there,
First of all thanks a lot for your comments.I apologise for not replying on time.Unfortunately this isn't a release post.
  Truth is, i haven't had news from duo's other half since the last release.I don't like leave things unfinished though, so i'm planning to send her a message in case she wants to help me finish what we started.
  Also as far as i know, there is no new Embalmer volume which is sad because is a great piece of work and deserves a better ending than be left unfinished.Let's hope for a last awesome volume some day.
  The scans i have are in polish so it's difficult to find someone do the translation.If there is someone willing to help please sent me a message.It had happended before so i'm gonna say this:" If the only thing you want is reading the scans and not helping me just say so,i ll send you the chapter either way."
I'll let you know if there is any progress.


Chapter 35
Hi there,
As we promised.... chapter 35  here
Sorry for the loooong waiting,as a fellow manga-maniac,It gets on my nerves when i have to wait too long for my favorite series but i'm afraid it is inevitable.So, be patient  my friends there is nothing we can do *sniff*...
One more chapter have left but I haven't heard any news for the volume 7.Should i start worrying??
Once again, thanks a lot for your comments, we need them like plants need water...

Take care

Coming soon.....
I have great news!!!!
Meh is BACK and ready to start translating again.We ll release the last 2 chapters a.s.a.p.
I can't wait for vol 7,this manga is so addictive.....

Once again
Welcome back Meh,we missed you!!!:D

Chapter 34

It's been a while.
Usually i hate it when scan groups take so long to release new chapters but, i'm afraid, i did the same. Shame on me, like Thales said "Avoid doing what you would blame others for doing." :(
To make up ,voila, chapter 34,enjoy!!!!
  Also i would like to inform you that this will be the last chapter for now.Our precious translator meh doesn't have free time to translate since she has to pay more attention to her studies.(Good luck with your exams meh!!).I have scans for the next chapters(35&36) but i don't know polish so there is nothing i can do.I though use the google translator but this process would take ages and the result  would be doubtful. So let's hope meh will come back soon...
 Recently i saw the j-movie "Okuribito" or "The departures"
(won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 2009) and i found the story quite similar to this manga. I have to say that usually i don't like j-movies (i prefer k-movies). I dislike the way the actors/es perform, their acting style is kind of weird - but this movie was an exception ,it was quite interesting and the performances were fairly good.
Last but not least,thank you very much for your comments!!!

So that's all I have for now,i hope you enjoy the chapter.
x-tina XD!

Chapter 33
Hello there,
Finally a new chapter !!!  *claps claps*
Sorry  to have kept  you waiting  for so long but September was one hell of a month ...studying studying and studying again.  *bleh*
Btw  i ve been thinking, have you ever received a love letter ?(read the chapter)
It is kind of rare these days...
(Wake up man!!! There is no time for  daydreaming !!!)
Anyway,you can download the chapter here, enjoy!!
Cu next time

Chapter 32
Surprise, surprise~~
Here it is, the long-awaited chapter 32 which is available for download here :D
Unfortunately for some, this chapter isn't a continuation of the previous one... But!~~ once again we get to know a little more about Mamiya's past...

Anyway, thank you for encouragement~~ reading your comments has really made my day :3
Have fun reading, 

Hello, it's mehmehmeh here. I wanted to state that we, the Femme Fatale group have a 24-hours waiting period before our releases can be uploaded to manga hosting sites. Please, respect that rule.

Have a nice day, everyone~~

Chapter 31
Hi everyone,
Firstly, a big thank you for your comments, are very encouraging!!!
i'm very excited!! Chapter 31 is finally out!!
And it's S U P E R !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You can download it here
We hope you'll enjoy reading.... 
Kisses!!! ~~x-tina:)

from mehmehmeh: with the font downloaded, I managed to correct my mistakes xD Anyway, enjoy the opening chapter for volume six!~~

Volume six and a word about vol 7.
Hello everyone, it's mehmehmeh here~~
Just wanted to let you know that we're still alive and working on volume six, however we're (more like I'm) taking a break. We're going to release the first chapter of volume 6 in a week or two, so wait patiently till then :D 
I'm working, or trying to work, on my translations and rereading the series in the meantime. And here's what I read in the first volume of "the Embalmer": the seventh volume will be released in 2011. So it's still a long way to go until then. <<and I can't hardly wait>>  all because volume six ended with none of my questions regarding Shinjuro and Azuki's relationship answered. Or other questions this silly mind came up with. Well, I'm not going to spoil more than I already have, but I've got to say that the sixth volume concentrates on everything but Shinzuki <that's how I call the pairing>. So the fangirl in me is left unsatisfied. 
Anyway, thank you for all the comments under the previous post. I'm too lazy to reply to all of them personally, so I want to thank all of you for your kind words. And regarding Tokyopop dropping the series- I really didn't have a clue about that :D (how silly I am~~) But I'm really happy that I can do what I can and share with all of you~~ because "the Embalmer" is really worth knowing.

With that said, I'm off to doing nothing in particular, because it's really hot outside :D


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